About Us

NTT Architects are founded in 2004 by Ali Yönet, Ozan Özyiğit and İbrahim Canseven. The company which has been directed by Ali Yönet ve İbrahim Canseven since 2009 serves architectural project, consultancy and project management facilitties.

Approach: NTT Architects adopted a collaborative and functionist approach which tries to integrate art-architecture and urban NTT Architects goes on the design process by balancing the art and the technics of architecture with a unique contemporary mentality, believing that the design process should be open to share and collective, keeping the company away from replications knowing that every project has a unique scenary and a soul, also believing that the creativity, adequate and up-to-date structural knowledge could be turned into a well architectural product.

Aim: NTT Architects aim to create healthy and sustainable environments by the innovative and researcher approaches of the company.

Method: Considering that designing is an interactive and collaborative process, NTT Architects uses any kind of design, sharing and communication technologies including virtual design studio paradigms and BIM.

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