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Each NTT Architects project is a complete, immersive environment – a harmonious whole greater than the sum of its parts.
Our Istanbul studio is staffed by a diverse team of talented employees with an unmatched range of experience, positioned to offer comprehensive design services—encompassing everything from urban planning and architecture to interior and product design—to clients anywhere in the world.
For near about 20 years, the studio has successfully completed more than 100 projects around the globe. Our approach to design is an intensive collaborative approach with a focus on technology. Within the framework of our cohesive design principles produces architecture that is exceptional not only in its clarity and simplicity but in its capacity to elevate and inspire.


Immersive Environments that Uplift

Natural light and traditional building materials are fundamentals of our work, as crucial a building material as concrete and high-tech building materials. It is our masterful manipulation of light that brings each project to life, activating materials and textures and shaping spaces in ways that enliven experience and intensify perception, creating architecture that is both visually and emotionally compelling. Our buildings speak powerfully to their larger surroundings while remaining sensitive to the human scale, simultaneously embodying a collective spirit and urban life reflecting deeply personal expression and pursuit of the sublime.


Our Philosophy of Design

All of our work stays true to the same fundamental ideas and values. We are guided by the clarity and rigor of our vision, our mastery of geometry and architectural composition, and our passion for craft and meticulous detailing. From lyrical combinations of solid and void, surface and depth, light and shadow, our buildings create dynamic visual and spatial rhythms that are a pleasure to look at and to move through. This same sensitivity extends to the building’s surroundings; our architecture is thoughtfully interwoven with its context whether a serene natural landscape or a thriving urban neighborhood.

Design Excellence and Craft

Our approach to design is truly holistic, pursuing excellence across all scales within each project, from a building’s smallest construction detail to its relationship to the broader urban context. A very elegant expression of structural principles and a carefully selected material palette are an essential part of our architecture. Combining a passion for crafts and a deep knowledge of tradition with cutting-edge expertise in building technology and materials science, our approach produces architecture that is equally fascinating in its visual and tactile dimensions. This attention to craftsmanship is complemented by our skill in architectural composition and thoughtful application of rigorous design principles.

Design Tools

In each project, we use the most appropriate tools for the characteristics of the project and the stage it is in. These tools may be freehand drawings made with just paper and pencil in the early stages, while in the later stages they may be BIM files integrated with Lidar scans or AI generated software codes.

Our studio is designed to be distributed collaborative design studio and Istanbul office is the center of that distributed office concept. Our staff who are experts in their fields have the ability to collaborate worldwide on the cloud.

We consider it important and support the inclusion of new technologies in architectural project processes. In coherence with Smart City Approaches, we include Digital Twin executions and Artificial Intelligence studies in our eligible projects.


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